Stanley Fatmax Folding Jabsaw


The Stanley FatMax™ folding jabsaw has a three blade locking angle mechanism at 90°, 135° and 180° which enables it to be used in areas where access is restricted. Its triple-bevelled toothing allows easier, more efficient cutting as it will cut both on the push and pull stokes.

The blade's sharp point is ideal for punching through plasterboard. For a comfortable and secure grip, the jabsaw has an anti-slip ergonomic bi-material handle. The blade can also be folded back into the body when the saw is not in use, this providing safe storage and eliminating the risk of the blade getting damaged in a toolbox.

The Stanley FatMax™ folding jabsaw is an essential tool for most trades - don't miss out and get it into your tool bag today!

Tooth pitch: 7 TPI.

  • 3 Position blade lock.
  • Triple bevel toothing for optimum cutting.
  • Ergonomic bi-material handle.