Irwin Quick-Grip XP 30cm/12″ One-Handed Clamp

The IRWIN Quick-Grip Xtreme Pressure One Handed Clamp is a single handed clamp offering a clamping pressure of 250Kg. A tool-free quick change function allows the jaws to be reversed to perform a spreading action. The ‘XP’ clamp is favoured by carpenters, builders, kitchen fitters and joiners as they are so versatile. The huge clamping pressure of up to 250kg enable you to hold a workpiece securely to a workbench, clamp and hold glued joints, prize apart old joints for re-gluing and event support items when marking or fixing.

The XP clamp features longer length jaws with a unique swivelling action to keep constant pressure on uneven surfaces. The jaws have heavy-duty non-marking pads to protect the workpiece. They also have a bar rest to allow you to place larger items in the clamping jaws hands-free.

  • Up to 250Kg clamping pressure.
  • Non-marking pads.
  • Clamping Capacity 300mm (12 in)
  • Spreading Capacity 570mm (22 in)