Hultafors Retractable Knife with 10 Blades


The Hultafors Retractable Utility Knife is a durable and well-balanced knife that has been ergonomically designed for the best possible level of safety, comfort and control. The angled design has a pronounced finger grip and narrowing tip that affords excellent grip when measuring and cutting plasterboard in a single stroke.

The durable zinc housing with a screw wheel, makes it easy to open without using tools. Unlike many other knives, the join at the front is to the side of the body rather than being directly above and in-line with the blade. This eliminates the potential for the knife blade to burst through the top of the body if extreme pressure is applied or the housing not properly closed. It also has a clever mechanism which means the screw wheel can’t accidentally fall out.

The handle contains a practical, spring-loaded blade magazine that holds 10 spare blades, magnetic fixings make changing and cleaning blades easy and the blade can be locked in four stages.

This is an ideal knife for roofers, carpet fitters and construction workers as it is robust, durable and has a large magazine capacity, thus ensuring you can have enough blades with you to complete the task at hand. The knife is available in three Hi-visibility colours which not only provides a safety benefit, it also means that you are less likely to lose the knife on site or in a working environment.
Comes with a pack of 10 blades.