Faithfull SDS Chisels & Drill Bits Set 6 Piece


Faithfull 6 Piece SDS Chisel and Bit Set.

•Four popular SDS drill bits: 5.5 x 160, 7 x 160, 8 x 210, 10 x 210mm.
•Two popular flat chisels: 20 x 250mm 40 x 250mm.
•Bit roll for compact and safe storage.

This combination set of SDS drills and chisels is the ideal companion for use with all SDS and SDS plus machines. This compact set contains the four most commonly used SDS drill bits for use in brick and concrete plus the two most popular flat chisels for uses in light demolition work, render removal and chasing out. Supplied complete in a handy bit roll for safe storage.