Faithfull Soft-Grip Chisel Set 4 Piece + Storage Wallet


A high quality chisel for the professional user and the keen DIY enthusiast. The Faithfull blades are manufactured from drop-forged chrome vanadium steel that is hardened and tempered to exacting standards to ensure that the cutting edge remains sharper for longer. The bevelled edge blade design makes the chisels ideal for cutting into tight corners and for use on fine work.

This is the most commonly used style of blade by carpenters and construction workers. The set contains the four most commonly used sizes of 12, 19, 25 and 32mm, making it ideal for common tasks such as fitting hinges, locks, creating mortice joints and channelling. The Red Polypropylene handles have an anti-slip, soft-grip coating for added user comfort and are fitted with a steel striking cap that provides added protection when used with a mallet or an occasional hammer blow.

These Faithfull Chisels have drop forged chrome vanadium steel blades, which have been hardened and tempered. Their bevel edge design are ideal for cutting into tight corners.

The chisels have impact resistant polypropylene handles with soft grips for user comfort. They have steel striking caps and heavy-duty, drop forged ferrules and tangs for working strength. Suitable for use on soft or hard wood.

This 4 piece set contains the following sizes: 12, 19, 25 and 32mm.

Supplied in a useful wallet.