Almost a second skin, this very thin glove offers outstanding comfort, fit and sensitivity for the most delicate handling. 18-gauge knitting technology allows this glove to be ultra-thin yet tough. Designed for a wide range of lightweight applications in dry or slightly oily environments, it is ideal for workers who need a higher level of fit, touch and precision than that offered by their current gloves. Also ideal for applications where cotton gloves or no gloves at all are used despite the risk of scrapes, blisters and minor injuries. In addition, the gloves are well-suited for environments that present a certain degree of dirt.

Primary Industries: Automotive & Transportation, Building & Construction, Machinery & Equipment, Maintenance, Metal Fabrication.

Ideal Applications: Light assembly applications requiring a high degree of precision, Final assembly, airco, electrical engines, wire harness assembly, adjusters work, White goods and electrical goods, Cosmetics/plastics (also packaging stage), Finishing works, Picking and fitting small pieces (bearings, springs...). Category II